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Originally posted by Uncle Bob
The most reliable method of measuring your PSU output is with a digital multimeter. The two inside wires on a standard molex connector are the negative lines, btw. See what you get before you go thinking it's the PSU.

I've tried the mutimeter on unused connectors and the 5v line reads 4.98 - 5.01v, however I remember reading a thread where some knowledgable folk said that readings from an unused connector may not be representitive of whats happening at say the voltage regulator for the CPU. So when I cite my PSU as a possible cause of my problems I'm basing this mostly on what I've seen on USDM where before the GFX mods the USDM 5v line read 4.75 and post mod it read 4.6v, we all know that USDM is not noted for its accuracy but it's good enough for consistancy.

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