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And if you are interested I have a one month old Vantec Stealth (Stealth??? I don't think ) 470W Psu going spare after my better half treated me to a 550W Antec True Power.... But in all seriousness I have no-one who can recommend a Q-Tec PSU, all have had problems, inconsistent lines etc
8RGA+, Barton 2500 @ 215x10.5 (for the time being), Sapphire 9700 pro @ 405x660, 2X256MB Twinmoss w/Winbond @ 3,2,2,2, Antec True Control 550W, Alpha Pal8045 with one seriously LOUD Vantec Fan, Lian Li PC60 USB with another couple of Vantec Tornado's and other assorted bits.
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