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nope... it seems like it was the NB, although raising the vdd to 1,97(pencil mod) neither would me cross the 225mhz line....:/
its definitely not the vcore, i lowered the multi just to test the fsb!!
and the twinmos never perform like i want to... highest cl2 2-2-5 was with 200mhz, at 205mhz i had to lower the timings to cl2 3-2-6 to become a completly stable system!
of course all this timings are with 2,9vdimm(which is 3,07 in real) as this sticks need quite much "juice"!!
i think i'm gonna stick with my corsair 256mb pc3200 as i can go 223mhz @ cl2 2-2-5 whithout any prob
hands up 4
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