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Originally posted by Superman53142

The RAM could be the problem. For problem solving, try using normal timings on the memory and see if it goes higher on the FSB. Then you'll at least have an idea if that's the problem. And I hope someone comes out with trace tape before I buy and XP.
I've heard if you boo-boo on the L1s and short them, all XPs default to an 11x multi. If newer Xps come much higher, it may be a good fall back position in a sense. I'm thinking of trying it on my 10.5x just to see if it helps.

BTW, it might be possible to make your own trace tape. I thought about it. If you start with scotch tape, defogger repair kit at a few toothpicks.... create the lines and wait til it dries before you apply, it should not short out in the pits if you use AS2 in there.
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