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I had some OCZ PC3500EL on my 8RDA3+ and couldn't pass 185fsb in dual channel. Do yourself a favour and avoid these OCZ's. Even tho they are squarely aimed at dual channel, in reality, they are awful at it.

For example, I bought some Twinmos £100 cheaper, and they can post up to 235fsb! Thats a big difference, and also in dual channel. They are completely stable at 215fsb, and Prime for days. However, I need to OVP mod to my board to get higher I think.

Good luck anyway, and keep us informed!


EPOX 8RDA3+ rev1.1, 3526 bios, vantec iceberg (nb), zalman gold (sb), heatsinks/fan (mosfets)
XP1800+ slk900 w/92mm vantec tornado, 11 x 215mhz, 1.85v
TWINMOS PC3200 ch-5 winbond, 2x256mb, dc-sync, 8,3,3,2.0, 2.63v
RADEON 9800 PRO 128mb, 380/680
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CHEIFTEC CASE enermax 550w
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