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As we have said before - this is very dependant on all components being in balance, and realistic targets being acheived.

I know that with air cooling my XP1800+ will only hit 1700MHz internal core speed. I also know that my memory can do 170MHz Host Clock no problem on KT266a, SiS735 or AMD761. So in order to acheive my host clock of 170 I know that I need to retard the memory timings a little to make the memory able to achieve the high speed and reduce my multiplier to 10.

Now I know that if I want to increase the multiplier I may have to reduce the memory clock or introduce more cooling for the processor.

These are the ways that you need to look at when overclocking - this is something that seems to be overlooked of late with many people reading of mainboards that achieve high FSB and just expecting that they can achieve them also "just like that" after purchasing one.

I think that to combat the frustrations that many are encountering, they really do need to unlock their processors.
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