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for sure,

Originally Posted by CCW
to be honest, id rather have heatsinks on my mosfets, must be better than juts a fan

of course, however, Im really not too sure how much of a difference the heatsinks really make if any. I mean, if you look at the proper way to heatsink a mosfet then you must first either free the mosfet and mount to the ground plate in the back or...better yet...they should have done that in the first place. If you look at everything we do to our boards in order to make pushing them harder a little safer youll soon notice that a fair amount of time and money gets spent. What amazes me is that someone doesnt make boards based on popular boards with modifications like better capacitors, properly presunk fets, and even a cdbay consisting of vr's and tiny lcd displays for control of the vdimm,vdd,vbt and vcore. Obviously they make a fair amount of money off those of us that break a ic pin now and again....but geez, its just a matter of time.
Some of the fets I deal with at work are seated in a heatsink that flowers outward to dissapate heat. Surely thats not an expensive thing to add to a board.

edit: WHOAA WAIT!!!! Im not saying you should attempt to lift your mosfets....dont even try it cause they have some hefty solder on there...takes about 850 degrees to even begin to melt. By that time the heat has traveled to the caps and possibly warmed the pcb to the point of conductivity....just saying they should have done it in the first place!
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