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I put the sinks on anyway however the real heat is at the base where the ground plate is. I was curious on why the color of the pcb is changing color so I just pulled out one of my old 8rda+'s and pulled off one of the fets just to see what protection they put on the board.....not much. As you can see in the pic its just a small square of fiberglass glued to the board. These boards may claim to be capible of 2v-2.3v but really they are least not for long periods of time. I have only done about 10 hours on my 8rga at over 2v and then I was limiting myself to 2.1v. If toasty coils and fried pcb is there way of handling 2v then I hate to see what marketing scams they come up with next....just ticks me off.
I started with the 8rda+...just as I had gotten the nerve to volt mod everything the 8rga gets announced as being capible of more through the bios...hearing that many people killed their 8rda+ while running on volt mods I figured I would save myself the headache and grab an all Ive done is tap my wallet further and postpone my headache.
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