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Performance Logs and Alerts (DISABLE) -Collects performance data on a schedule and sends the information to a log or triggers an alert.

Plug and Play (Automatic) -You'll need this! If you upgrade or change out hardware, this detects it!

Portable Media Serial Number (DISABLE) -Retrieves serial numbers from portable music players connected to your computer. Disable it unless something of yours ceases to function properly.

Print Spooler (Automatic) -I usually have this disabled until I use my printer. If you don't ever use a printer, you can disable it.

Protected Storage (DISABLE/Auto?) -Allows for the saving of local passwords or even web sites information (AutoComplete.) Don't disable if you use Autocomplete, otherwise for increase performance and extra security disable it! Had a guy name Kevin email me and told me that if you have MSN you will need to set this to auto.

QoS RSVP (DISABLE) -Provides traffic control on a network using IPSEC and applications that support QoS, plus have an adapter that supports it.

Remote Access Auto Connection Manager (DISABLE/Manual) -Creates a connection to a network when a program requests a remote address. If things cease to function after disabling this service, put it to manual. (UPDATE) I have gotten word that this service along with the service below, are needed for 56k and dailup connections. If you have a dailup connection set this to manual. If you have problems, set it to automatic.

Remote Access Connection Manager (DISABLE/Manual) -Same as above.

Remote Desktop Help Session Manager (DISABLE) -This is a security risk, turn it off!

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) (Automatic) -Critical! Leave this set to Automatic. Just about everything depends on this service to be running.

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator (DISABLE) -Manages the RPC name service database. I have not found a reason to keep this service running. If something on your network breaks after you disable this service, put it back to Manual or Automatic.

Remote Registry Service (DISABLE) -Yet, another security risk. Turn this off! This allows remote users access to your registry!

Removable Storage (DISABLE) -Used for managing removable media. Disable this service if you do not have items like tape backup devices, etc. If your CD ROM/DVD Drive starts acting funny, place this service into Automatic. Normally, this service is not needed.

Routing and Remote Access (DISABLE) -Nobody needs this, turn it off unless you know what it is.

Secondary Logon (DISABLE) -There is no use for this really..

Security Accounts Manager (DISABLE) -This is like Protected Storage, it's a security risk and needs to be turned off.

Server (DISABLE) -If you share files, internet, or printers across a network, leave this alone. Otherwise disable it.

Shell Hardware Detection (Automatic) -Used for the auto play of devices like memory cards, etc. Some laptops need this, for their docking station.. This also disable Autoplay tab for CD/DVD tabs. After I disabled it every time I put a disc into the drive a folder view opened up. There was no Autoplay tab to make adjustments to. Re enabled the service and poof the options back.

Smart Card (DISABLE) -If you do not have a "Smart Card," or you do not know what a Smart Card is, you do not need this service running.

Smart Card Helper (DISABLE) -Read above

SSDP Discovery Service (DISABLE) -DISABLE IT! Even Microsoft says it's a security risk!

System Event Notification (DISABLE) -Used in conjunction with COM+ Event System, this service notifies particular services when system events, such as logon and power events occurs.

System Restore Service (DISABLE/Automatic) -Choice is your's. I have had mine enabled.. but it's disabled now. If you use it, then leave it alone. (Remember we made a backup earlier with System Restore, so keep this enabled for now!)

Task Scheduler (DISABLE) -Disable this, it uses resources.. If you have some Anti-virus software like Norton, it may depend on this service to run auto virus scans, every week or something.. So the choice is yours.

TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Service (DISABLE) -Legacy support for NetBios over TCP/IP. If your network does not use NetBios, disable this function. (This is a security risk, disable it)

Telephony (DISABLE/Automatic) -If you dialup to the Internet like with 56k, ect.. Leave this alone. However if you got Cable, DSL with router, LAN connection disable it. A guy named Craig, emailed me and told me that if your dsl is PPPoE, then you need to turn this service on. However, if your DSL goes thru your router, like myself, you can disable this service.

Telnet (DISABLE) -Allows remote login to the local computer via the telnet function. DISABLE this! Security risk!

Terminal Services (Automatic) -Allows remote login to the local computer. This service is Required for Fast User Switching, Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance. Since I have Fast User Switching on, I had to enable it.

Themes (Automatic) -Used to display all those pretty new XP themes and colors on your desktop. If you don't like the pretty stuff, disable this. I have a nice theme I downloaded, so I enabled this.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (DISABLE) -If you don't know what it is, disable it! I never hook my UPS up to my box :/

Universal Plug and Play Device Host (DISABLE) -Used in conjunction with SSDP Discovery Service, it detects and configures UPnP devices on your home network. Disable it for security reasons!

Upload Manager (Manual) -If your using the Windows XP builtin firewall or you are using Internet Connection Sharing, you should turn this service to manual. If you are not using either of these, you can DISABLE this service.

Volume Shadow Copy (DISABLE) -Used in conjunction with the MS Software Shadow Copy Provider Service. MS Backup also uses these services.

WebClient (DISABLE) -No need for it, disable it.

Windows Audio (Automatic) -If you like your audio on you computer leave this alone. Hey, if you don't like audio, turn it off and save some ram

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) (Automatic) -Used for some scanners and cameras. My camera requires this service :/ If, after Disabling this service, your scanner or camera fails to function properly, enable this service.

Windows Installer (Automatic) -This service is required for software applications that install using MSI files. Set this to Manual.

Windows Management Instrumentation (Automatic) -Remote Procedure Call (RPC) requires this to be enabled!

Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extension (Automatic) -Same as above.

Windows Time (DISABLE) -Automatically sets your clock by contacting a server on the internet. Hey, if something contacts someone behind my back, I want know part of it! Disable it!

Wireless Zero Configuration (DISABLE) -Automatic configuration for wireless network devices. If you do not have any wireless network devices in use, Disable this service. If your not sure, then you probably don't need this service.

WMI Performance Adapter (DISABLE) -I have not found a use for this service. It's safe to turn it off.

Workstation (Automatic) -Just leave this alone, it's almost a critical service!

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