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**These are SUGGESTED requirements for optimal performance**
**I will update more based on mooks excellent info up here, these are merely suggested settings and by no means minimum requirements**

PC with 500MHz clockspeed Intel Pentium III/Celeron family, AMD Athlon/Duron family, or compatible processor recommended
128MB Ram SDRAM PC133, prefferable 128MB PC 266 DDR
4.0 GB of hard drive space

NTFS Tweak
This file provides a small improvement to NTFS performance

XP Power Toys
Several Microsoft developer tools that add functionality and performance increases to you OS

Package includes :
ISO Burner
Timer Shot and Calculator
Full XP Power Toy package

Remove MSN Messenger the easy way
A small batch file that will uninstall MSN Messenger from your system

I only offer this only as suggestions from testing on 50+ machines at work ranging from a P100 to a 1.33 tibrd and a 1.8 P4. A 266 machine with 64mb of ram was slower than trying to run underwater. The 400 K6 was droopy, but a PIII 500 managed to pull it off with 128mb of ram and run damn well actually. I will be adding more to this list as well. Mook has come across a nice topic here and I think any XP user can reap many benefits from it.
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