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Originally Posted by Holst
LN2 is defintely cheaper, yoiu ust tend to kill things when you use it....

Most of the top guys at 3dmark 2003/2001 kill there graphics cards after a few runs with big memory overclocks.

This CPU should run a high clock or a long time, ATM im running 2.8gig at 1.925v stable, shame this rev 2 8rda wont ive me any more
Just curious, what cpu are you using? Have you done the r404 mod to the prommie? Im running a 2800+ T-B on a prommie but 2800 stable puts me at 2.05v For gaming I ussually run at 13.5x200 (2.7ghz) @ 1.95v just to prolong the cpu's life a little. Yesterday I ran a server for ut2k3 at my lan party for 11 hours at 12.5x224 (2.8ghz)@ 2.05 but anything lower on the voltage would kill it. One other thing is that I cant seem to get this chip over 2.075v regardless of frequency. Sound like the cpu has hit its limit? whats your take on this one????
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