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Got my CWT-550ADP and its looking V good.

Just to recap, I suspected my 420W PSU was at fault for random reboots and I think my suspicions are founded. I got a new CPU last week and tried OCing it.

Got shut downs at Vcore of 1.85V and above, so did the OVP mod on my 8RDA+ and was still was getting shutdowns even though my 5V lines were a respectable 4.98V at load, (also I should point out that I run quite a few devices in my rig) so I was thinking that my 420 PSU just could'nt supply enough watts to my rig?

Anyways I borrowed a Enermax 550 and all my shut downs problems went away

With the CWT I'm getting a constant 5.00v on my 5v line at load...this compares to the 4.94V at load of the Enermax 550W, so IMO a very good PSU for a reasonable price of £58 (~$80 to our US memebers).

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