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Originally Posted by piccoLEW
i used to before i got my own computer, i had a lovely gimmick for tfc

the incredible helicopter-like solly. used to rocket-jump up, and spin that wheel. Its also good for the "jump" mod for quake 2. some jumps require long distances, and can only be completed if you do a spin in the air, not impossible on a normal mouse, but a dam sight easier to pull off with a trackball.

as for the feet on your mouse i am assuming you are using an optical mouse I use one of them as well, but i also still use a mousemat, the feet on my mouse are fine

I do find myself lifting the mouse often too...then I guess I ussually do it so fast that its a good amount of impact when I place it back down....ah dang....was just thinking that this mouse thing is driving me nutts. Newegg sells them bulk so I was just going to preorder some for reserve but finding out what bad habit is causing such excessive wear would be a lot cheaper!
I switched to a different mouse last night cause I ran out of microsoft and I must add that the mx500 and mx700 are highly overrated. I did okay but nowhere near my normal frag count. Had to change my name to mouse tester......hehe
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