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no problem, thanks for the effort!

so i figure that since il be spending some time here now i aughta let you know a bit about me besides the fact that i am semi-hardware retarded.

so about me

Keith Guerin
Germantown, WI (Near Milwaukee)
17, senior in high school
probably going to Ball State University next year for architecture. (they'll give me 5K a year )

hobbies/jobs/random junkamabobs
lots of graphic design and web development.
ive been doing this for about a year, all self taught
i have some of my work at
i work freelance (specialty is flash, but i do alot of html and graphic design), and for S.A. Parker & Associates.
Also i am Vice president of a record label, that i started with a colleague in May. Right now we are workign hard on getting 8C8 signed to a major label. Atlantic just requested a demo, so thats great nbews for us.

I imagine some of the other people here are webdesigners or webmasters, right?
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