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high fsb on vdd modded a3 8rda+ causing network problems

hi guys,
a few days ago i remodded my board, upped the vdd to 1.8v set fsb to 205 and now i recognized following problem:
when running that config, i lose connection to the icq server every ~10 min.
now i clocked down the fsb to 185 but increased cpu speed and everything works fine again
nb is cooled by a zalmn hs with active cooling

ps: sorry for the out of date sig
primary sys:
8rda+ rev 1.1 | xp 1700+ jiuhb 0308 @10x105/215 @1.1/1.55v [thx to hasw!] | 2 x 256mb twinmos winbond sync @ 11-2-2-2 | albatron ti4680p turbo @ default | samsung sp1614n @ dawicontrol dc-100 raid
dual boot:
win xp professional student version
gentoo linux 1.4 running 2.6 test 9 kernel

8kha+ | duron 1000@10x133 | 640mb ddr | 2x wd800jb
running gentoo linux 1.4 with 2.4.20-9 kernel
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