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Talking 8RDAE new 'non ultra' 400 chipset live test

i have the new 8RDAE on test for the weekend. most noticable features includede a three slot implementation of the nforce2 400 (non ultra) chipset, 4pin power connecter, southbridge heatsink and vdd adjustment in the bios. omissions for this version in the series include com ports on the header, lan and firewire. the board is stamped 0317 on the back of the pcb which i take as a week 17 2003.
i have a brand new week 23 AIUHB SPIW xp2000+ running at 11.5x200 on air so far. also some 4.3 nanosecond hynix and some hyperx3500 and some valueram ddr400 with winbond-bh5 hips. sandra scores 3027-2774 with the hyperx at optimal 8-3-3-2.0 at 200fsb. i will of course be pushing the components to their limits over the weekend

full specs - any questions
bench: a64 abit kv8-max3, no cpu, bh-5
server: epox-nf2, 1700+, ddr266, openbsd
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