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Unlocking duron

Hi all.

Im building a PC for my sister and I have aquired a cheap motherboard for it but it has no overclocking features at all

Its a morgan duron 1300.

I put it in my dads 8k3a and it did 1.55gig default voltage so id like to run it at 133x11.5

This means setting the multiplyer to 11.5 which I cant do

I cut the L3 bridges (all of them) then repainted them in accordance with the bridge guide here --

But it didnt work

Its still stuck on 13X multiplyer.

Ive tried both open and closed L1 bridges with no effect.

I "could" give the chip more voltage and try to get 133x13 stable, but ill have to Vmod the board and then it might overheat as im making a custom case, plus I want it quiet.

Thanks for any help.

(I havent named the board as im embarressed to be using it)
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