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okay. swopped the 8RDAE from the above pic for an 8RGA+ on the bench. a quick look confirms that even in single channel the 8RDAE has as much bandwidth as the 8RGA+ in dual channel. so this new nforce400 single channel chipset has been tweaked to give plenty bandwidth without the cost and issues associated with running dual channel boards. quite an achievement if you ask me. cpu overclocking seems easier on the 8RDAE but get a very good copper heatsink as you'll likely need at least 1.75 vcore before the fun really starts.

conclusions are that both boards seem issue free even with 2x256mb of hyperx3500. vdd adjust, 4pin power connector and southbridge heatsink now extends accoss the full spectrum of new EPoX nforce2 boards including the new non ultra nforce400 range.

both boards may well have been unable to reach 233fsb sync because of the memory available for the test

8RGA+ @ 225fsb dual channel sync
bench: a64 abit kv8-max3, no cpu, bh-5
server: epox-nf2, 1700+, ddr266, openbsd
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