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Originally Posted by MoDeezy
The motherboard offers multipliers from 5.0 to 14.5. FSB settings from 100-255. Dram also has a vcore adjust and FSB adjust. CPU Vcore from 1.1 to 1.85. The cooling I don't think is a problem because the cpu temp is running at 29C idle with the fan at its medium setting of 4200 rpms while on high it runs 6200 rpms (very loud!). Right now its at 12.5 x 150 with the vcore at 1.65. If I push it up to 151 windows XP will not boot. I have tryed 157 x 12, 155 x 12, 165 x 11.5, many many different combinations with various vcore settings.

Bumping the Vcore to 1.7 1.75 could help stabilize a higher clock, but it can/will shorten the life of your chip. It can be fun just to *see* how far you can push it, then back it down. Personally I would try to get the highest FSB I could, even backing the multiplier back some, within reason, for the best overall performance. Use benchmarks after each successful setting. Have you tried 150x13, 140x14 or 13.5, 133 x 14.5. etc etc etc...

29C is EXTREMELY cool when overclocking a chip, so if your temps are accurate, then cooling of the chip is definitely not a problem. That leads me to believe you have a little room to bump the Vcore a *TAD* to see if you can provide a bit more room for that FSB. Just don't overdo anything obviously =)

Isn't it fun...
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