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Originally Posted by cloasters
Thank you for removing the link from your signature, Evc. However, removing one and adding two is not cricket. If you read the Forum Rules Writ in Stone, posted in every Topic Heading, you'll see that pics as well as the great majority of links are not allowed in Member's sigs. Please remove the three "banners" in your sig, as well as the "My PC" and "My game collection" links in your signature. Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Adding a detailed list of the components of your PC to your sig here is acceptable and encouraged!

I posted a question to the Admin staff about the discrepancy in the number of your posts. I'll post what they have to say in this thread when I hear from them.
I think the post count happened from what Robbie said, I think I remember that happening when you got the new forums? I dont remember really.

Im just curious as to why the game collection listing isnt allowed? Its just a link to all the games I own, now if that was a txt file hosted on some free webspace, would that still be a problem?
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