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Dude.. First of all you can't run a SCSI hdd without a SCSI controller. If your seagate is really a scsi, take it out of your PC completely.

Next, if you have the right driver installed, do this, power down, disconnect all drives. Then connect the booting hdd to the first RAID connector. Go into bios, make sure the RAID controller is set as a boot device, then go into the RAID bios and make sure the drive is recognised and set as the boot device.... then go into windows.... Did that work?

If yes, power down again. Then connect the CD/DVD drives to the onboard IDE controllers. Make sure you are not putting them on the raid controller! Also, make sure the drives' pin settings are accurately set for master/ slave. Boot up, what does it look like now?

edit: the raid controller cannot handle ATAPI devices. It is only meant for HDDs. You have to have the CD/DVD on the onboard via southbridge controller IDE ports only.
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