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cold boot lockup/radeon bios fix? msi6380e/or psu

hi i am having cold boot lockups
i looked at msi award bios revision 5.7 and it claims to fix problems radeon 8500
i have 5.5
the system runs excellent but for this
what would cause it
norton reports nothing

xp2100 agoia@ default fsb
kt3 ultra2-r ax7 smart fan
maxtor plus9x2 raid0
samsung ddr 333 512mb 2/3/6/3/ 4way 8q 1t ultra
radeon 8500 128mb
acer 56x cd
allied 350 psu
skyhawk psr series case
win98lite micro
1hd fan 1 intake 43cfm
2 exhaust 1 43cfm 1 30cfm

help required

tweak it till it flies then

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