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Question Mystery of the On/Off Button


I can turn my computer on only if I hold the power on/off button in for the count of 2. If I simply push it in (as I did with any other computers I've had in the past), the computer turns on (fans run, etc.) but it does not boot up. (Of course, if I hold it in for the count of 4, it turns itself off.)

At first I thought the processor, or the motherboard or SOMETHING was messed up.... but everything seems to be working perfectly. It boots up perfectly every time... as long as I keep the on/off button in for 2 seconds.

Is this some new power on/booting delay procedure?

All my front panel connectors are connected with the lettering facing inward. I've read in one place that they should be facing outward (toward the case) and in one place inward (toward the processor) ( I plugged the power on/off connector both ways with the same result.)

Is there anybody else out there with an Antec KS-282 and an Epox 8rda+? How did you plug in the connectors?



epox 8rda+,
CPU AMD|1800+
Antec KS-282 300w
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