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Do you have APIC enabled? MPS=1.4? ACPI=enabled? What setting for ACPI Suspend Type? if S3 that is the Suspend to ram, if you have it set to S3 you might want to see what reading you are getting for you 5vsb (Stand By voltage) or more importantly what the rating on the psu itself is for 5vsb , should be >=1A. (page 1-6 in the manual). You could try setting suspend type to S1. If you look in the manual page 3-14 , second sentence might be a clue,"The power source to the DDR SDRAM must be kept active during STR(ACPI S3)." Since you are unplugging your psu you are no longer booting up using this function. So maybe when you try to boot up in the usual way (the power button) there is not enough Stand by voltage, and by holding the button in longer it either loads up the DDR or resets the power scheme in some way. For what it is worth, I had to learn the hard way that I needed a better psu to run my 8RDA+ with a gf4-mx440 and 2 X 256 MB of ram. It wasn't until I bought a psu rated 420 Watts that things got rock solid stable. If I had to do it over I would have followed the advice here in December 2002 and bought a Sparkle or an Antec psu.
ps. I have a 550 watt Powmax psu with a really cool light up fan in it, problem is I can't get over 195 FSB with it, as soon as I swapped in a 420 Watt Enlight psu I can get to 210 FSB making NO other changes. If you are going to get a new one I'd recommend an Antec True-Control 550 Watt.
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