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Originally Posted by gizmo
Hmm..........that's a thought. What'd they charge you for that?
Nothing (Knew someone that operated one of those for a living before he passed away)
But as long as you provide the metal (sidepannel) and make the design in autocad yourself they shouldnt charge you much for using the machine for 20 min or so.
Originally Posted by robbie
As I told Big Red at CampAOA, if you EVER get rid of that case I call DIBS!!!
Yes yes I know It probably wont be until My main rig gets replaced though. Then my main one filters down to my secondary rig and the way money is now (trying to save) Im trying to keep no more than 2 computers.

Edit: Rob ill make you a deal. Find me a sweet enough case (thats light!) and Ill trade for it
Like this one for example (well a bit pricy, prehaps a partial trade?)
Fish server! w00t!
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