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I found that 300W on an 8RDA+ board running at 1.4GHz with GF4Ti4200, 3 SCSI HDD, ZIP and tape drive was not quite enough. It eventually suffered from catastrophic failure due to a part overheating. (actually it suffered twice, as I replaced the part - guess the heatsinks weren't really up to it) However, this was with reduced airflow through the PSU, so this shouldn't be such a surprise!

The 8RDA+ board pulls it's power from the 5V rail, so it's important that this particular rail be capable of handling heavy loads. I looked at a number of 500-550W PSUs, only to discover that most of them did not offer any increase on the 5V line over the 300W PSU! They all offered more power on the 12V line, which might be ok for an 8RGA or PIV based system, but not for an 8RDA board.
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