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Originally Posted by timbob2469
Áedán, Thanks for helping him out. That explanation about the 5volt rail would probably explain why that 550watt psu I mentioned can run another brand of NForce 2 motherboard I have so well. You see it has the IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor) and I am able to push it to 197 FSB and it is stable. I was able to get over 5,000 3DMark2001 score , thats why I swapped it in to my 8RDA+, I was dissapointed I could not get any further OC (in fact less) than the psu rated for 420Watts.
It's a pity u didn't show a quick quote of the 5v rail specs of your solutions as i have an Antec 412fx which belts out 40A on the 5v rail but i also have this startup prob. I wonder if my combined power is being dragged down with 3,3v nd 12v loads
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