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Question Thanks to all that replied

I’m back home. Thanks to all that replied.

Thanks Bob for the detailed instructions. To answer your questions:

---Do you have APIC enabled? MPS=1.4? ACPI=enabled?


---What setting for ACPI Suspend Type?

S1 (pos)

---if S3 that is the Suspend to ram, if you have it set to S3 you might want to see what reading you are getting for you 5vsb (Stand By voltage)

I changed it to S3/saved and exited Windows. Turned computer on and still have the same problem. Where can I read the 5vsb stand by voltage? In PC Health Status it reads: +5v 4.91v; -5v –5.30v. I set ACPI back to default of S1.

--or more importantly what the rating on the psu itself is for 5vsb , should be >=1A

ON my power supply, I cannot find 5vsb but I do have +5sb --which I presume is the same-- and it shows 2A.


Thanks Áedán. What power source did you end up getting? Does the Antec True-Control 550-Watt offer a sufficient increase on the 5V line? I just checked the price of Antec True-Control 550 and it’s $118.00… way beyond my current budget.

Are there any other power sources out there that have sufficient increase on the 5V line but are considerably cheaper? I have the power supply that came with my Antec KS-282.


Thanks, Newhit. I hope it's not the memory.... I'll check that out too.


I'm starting to think that I'll have to leave it on all the time....

Have a wonderful day.

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