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in 3dmark2001se ive managed to top 13000=i think thats good? its the first time i ran pc mark 2002 so i wasnt sure wat sort of scores i should be getting....ive compared some of the other scores and mine SEems to be ok im happy with some of my memory scores for the mo... tnx

ive ran 2003se and scored 3800 not brilliant but ok for a 9600tx
amd barton 2500+@3200+(11@200) 2205 mhz (AQXEA 0324)
vcore@1.650 vdimm@2.6 vdd@1.6
asus a7n8x-x nforce2
2x256mb twinmos 3200@ 8-3-3-2.5
volcano 7+ at medium setting (4460rpm)
ati 9600tx(128mb)@346 core, mem@306
running@33c unloaded& 38c loaded
case@26c unloaded& 28c loaded(brill)
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