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Unhappy 4PCA3+ rev1.1 issues help!

Just installed my 4PCA3+ rev 1.1 and updated to latest bios and i get negative voltage bonuses as reported by other users. Problem is in memtest86, i'm running into errors straight away first pass test 1 - 3 errors at all below voltage settings!

bios -> real

default vcore 1.525v -> 1.45-1.47v

1.6000v -> 1.53-1.55v
1.5875v -> 1.50-1.53v
1.5750v -> 1.48-1.52v
1.5625v -> 1.48-1.50v
1.5500v -> 1.47-1.48v
1.5375v -> 1.47-1.48v
1.5250v -> 1.45-1.47v
1.5125v -> 1.37-1.40v
1.5000v -> no Boot
1.4875v -> no Boot
1.4750v -> 1.56-1.60v
1.4625v -> 1.37-1.39v
1.4500v -> 1.69-1.71v

while memtest86 is running, the post code on the LED is FF

anyone know what's up..

FF code in manual says

1. Bios chip inserted incorrectly
2. Incorrect bios update
3. Mainboard problem
4. Add on card inserted incorrectly


Epox 4PCA3+ rev 1.1
Shuttle AN50R
Abit AI7
Asus P4C800-E rev 1.02
Albatron PX865PE PRO2 1.02 beta bios
Abit IC7 15 bios
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