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Originally Posted by speeduk
Hey guys. I've recently got my 2500 to 2436mhz on 1.78v on my 8rda3+ mobo. It ran prime95 ok for an hour and then froze. I restarted and after a minute of prime, it shut down with the fans still spinning? My temp before shutdown was 54C. Is this hot enough to over heat a 2500 or could my 550w psu be struggling? I got a 900u to replace my SK-7 and now get 52C load but it needs more juice for some reason, now at 2405mhz/1.83 volts and it shut down like before after 20 minutes of prime95.

Ive had a 2100,1700 and another 2500 running perfectly stable at 1.8v on this mobo with no shutdowns like this. Could it be the chip doesnt like anything over 1.8v? Also I have my memory (twinmos 3200) @ 2.8v to keep it a cas 2/3/3/7. The case is open so case cooling isnt an issue....

Currently trying prime again at 2305mhz on 1.73v. so far it been running about 20 minutes fine.Temps not going over 48C load.

Any ideas or people with similar problems?
It's totally up to you. Personally, I'd simply back down a notch from 2436MHz and accept that you have an excellent overclock which few achieve with air-cooled XP2500+. Some would simply increase Vcore, assuming you achieve Prime-stable operation, and accept the high CPU temps - as long as it's stable.

I could not stabilize my 2500+ over 2300MHz in sig system. I think you're doing fine.

Hope this helps!
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