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Originally Posted by Neoprene
I had similar Prime 95 freezes/black screens when attmpting higher OC`s ..I`m still not sure if it is Prime itself , temps or some other factor which causes them. You`ve got a good OC going there on air tho ..I can boot into windows @2.4 gig on this system but not Prime95 stable..waiting for watercooling to bring my temps down . Do u have any board mods ie active NB cooling ??


No mods at all. I took my dvd drive out that was acting strange - opening by itself lol and got it to 2405mhz/1.78v fine for 3 hours of prime95!!! Tried again this morning it froze after test 2 FFS! My psu is a 550w qtec, with only a 14a 12v rating at max. The top models have 24/33/36a. Is this the problem? The case is open with a house fan blowing cool air in. SYS temp = 28c CPU max load temp at 2405/1.78v was only 53c!
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