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Originally Posted by mattdoe
Hi Thanks for your reply ...
Out of these two which is best ? .. i think the 8K has Raid on it.


One other question i have... I didn't get what you ment when you said this...

Be careful with stand-offs in mounting board to case. Many first-time builders inadvertently short motherboard to case in this step.

! sorry if im acting thick ... hehe !

Nobody's 'thick'. It's better to ask these questions before your build.

Looking inside your case, you'll find a number of pre-drilled holes to accomodate stand-offs that elevate the motherboard. You'll also find a number of stand-offs supplied with case hardware.

Not all of those holes match the mating board-mounting holes on the motherboard. Just don't start screwing in stand-offs without being certain that they match corresponding mounting holes in the board. One extra stand-off is a big problem, since it may provide an improper grounding/shorting path.

You'll recognize the proper mounting holes on the board, since they will have a metal ring around the holes - which is intended to provide a proper board grounding point.

If that is confusing - just look inside your case and inspect board-mounting points.

Hope this helps!
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