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I'll be agreeing with flak, i think you've reached the limit with that chip and cooling, throwing more volts gives you slight stability increases but will slowly kill the chip and reduce its overclocking ability.
is the extra 50 - 100mhz really important performance wise or bragging rights wise: just think about that for a sec. Is it worth an unstable crashy system?
Its called Electromigration and i have seen it in every single CPU i have heavly overclocked for long periods in the last 3 years (about 10 - 15 i dont keep count). with air cooling as well you'll only speed the process up.
dont use over 1.8v on air, i wont even use over 1.8 with 4c cpu temps! you'll see the nutter sticking 2v through there .13 micron cpu and claiming incredible overclocks and complete stability, but i highly doubt in 2 - 3 months time it'll still be running those speeds.
You do not want to be pushing a chip to its limits then sticking more volts through it and pushing it even further and then still beliving that you can get more out of it complain or instability.

The way to overclock is to find the chips limits with a little increase in voltage and then back off a little when you do find its limits, not keep going for more and more.
I apologise if that sounded harsh or even abusive but i didnt mean it in that way, more as advice from an experianced hardware techi.
You do have a wonderful overclock on air from that chip, and you dont want to see that overclock drop in 200mhz in 2 months time and become unstable. Be happy with the stable 2.3 and back it off a little, dont be greedy with the voltage, i was and saw some cracking chips drop their overclocks.
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