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Thanks for the replies. I know that every cpu has its limits, but I was just testing the max the chip could do and then back it off like you said. I had my 2100 tbred b on 2.1v for a whole day without any problems and with this chip, its unstable sometimes at stock voltage and I have to up it. Its only a week old and the highest vcore I tried was about 1.85v but the vcore was anywhere from 1.81 to 1.84, which leads me to think theres a power drop somewhere.

My mobo takes cpu power from the 12v line, and this crappy psu only has 14a on that line!!!! My old generic 300w has 16a FFS! It seems this is the problem and its finally giving up on me and cant provide stable/ clean power and its causing the system to crash/reboot. My new antec 480 trueblue psu will arrive tomorrow and I hope this solves my problems. I just find it strange a cpu will run prime for hours @ 2305mhz/1.62-1.64v and then need 1.75 just to be stable later, my money is on the psu.
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