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Originally Posted by Neoprene

Well Speedy , I`ve got an SLK800u with 120mm Zalman fan pushing 56cfm, and my temps are 47c with the case side off @idle. they get to about 52C under load.I`m using AS 3, have reseated and reapplied the thermal paste several times , and just a thin even layer. I`m waiting on an NF-7S to arrive , going to bung the whole lot onto that new mobo , and see what happens. I`m still sure it`s the mobo , and will soon be able to put it to the acid test . Expensive test tho !
Finally got it stable at 2405mhz on 1.79v! With my 2 smartfans back on the 900-u, my full load temp hasnt gone above 50c. 4 hours of prime95, so far so good. It seems the 90mm fan is just too poor at shifting the extra heat as with the smartfans on, its 7c cooler
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