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Cant install a new OS (be that linux OR windows)

After the worst problems was gone, i manage to make it run fairly stable, nah, rock stable once its in windows (net 2003 standard)

But it CAN hang during the bootup of the OS, then i reboot and it should work, basicly once its inside the os i have zero lockups whatsoever.

BUT!! While still being "out there" Ive tried to install windows longhorn build 4015,and it hangs at different points, even got 1 reboot.

Moving on, i thought to myself, digged out my linux mandrake 9.1 copy and found that it too would lockup at various points, some times right in the start of the installation, some times when copying files, once i got to like 80% of th copying, then it froze up on me.

So basicly im screwed when trying to install a new OS.

3000+ barton
Epox 8rda3+ rev 1.0 / 1.1 //cant remember
512 kingston value ram running at optimal settings
2 HD's, master: 40gig maxtor Slave: 80 gig seagate barracuda

thats the basics, let me know if you require more (specify what you want)
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