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Anyway seems like i get some mounting errors at some point (knoppix trying to make some stuff in ram and some cd errors)

I changed some in bios, seems faster booting but still a lockup, anyway i wanna know about the settings for:
Primary master(in pio): mode 0-4 or auto
primary slave(in pio): mode 0-4 or auto

primary master(udma): udma or disable
primary slave(udma): udma or disable

the same stuff is for secondary master and slave, my primaries are harddrives, normal IDE. The secondaries are a cd burner and a dvd drive. How to set this up properly ?

Oh messed around a bit, and if i disable hhd block transfer it fails sooner than before, a fatal one that makes it unable to go on, so im sure its in the bios.

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