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PIO is an old "protocol" that topped out at PIO Mode 4, which allowed a whopping ~16 Mb/Sec of data transfer. UDMA 33 or UDMA 1 followed upon PIO some years ago, allowing 33 Mb/Sec of data transfer. We are now up to UDMA 133, for 133 Mb/Sec(in theory).

I've found that modern mainboards usually work fine by setting PIO to "Auto" and "UDMA" to "Enable." There's an unending argument of how to set up HDD's and optical drives properly. I like the primary Win OS to be on the C:\ partition of the Master HDD on the Primary IDE Controller. Linux gives you more leeway as to its partition. It works the best when it owns the dev/hdb1 partition--with GRUB or, cough LILO in the MBR of the C:\, aka dev/hda1 partition, IMHO. In fact, why not give it all of the dev/hdb HDD?
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