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You sure you understand what i mean ? If i had mem props id would reboot or something wierd, but its rock stable once my OS is loaded, just any new windows installation or linux ****s up. And results ans stabillity swings depending on what i use for settings for my primary master and slave it seems. So how do you setup a normal hd in the bios ?

btw ram runs optimal settings (7-2-2.5-3) so i doubt thatll be the source, right ? I have had mem props earlier till i took this setting.

BTW thats wierd, i seem to get stabillity props when enabling udma, :/ WTF is wrong ? UDMA works if im just booting into my current win 2003 net standard os. I'll try to give linux hdb1 partion and swap to hdb2 now
... Please need something to work with, getting sad :ยด(
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