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should say that ive been enabling udma and that causes some props it seems, tried ripping off a HD and a cdrom drive too, nothing helps.

Aw damn please!
Update, important (i think):
Booted up with knoppix live cd linux 3.2, and got into text mode, pretended i wanted to install the sytem since SO FAR(!!) I havent gotten the sytem in yet, all freezes have been in installation, or usage of the live cd (which both draws data from the cd drive) And guess what i got ? A long error, heres what i found to be of interest:
Sense key medium error
Additional sense indicates no seek
Read error at pos 409378912 at /cdrom/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX/

- and the whole list of read errors end with:
Input/Output error

This means (right?) that i might have configured the cd drives incorrectly, or that one of them is broken...

Now, how should a dvd drive and a cd burner be configured anyway, i have had some props reading some cd's in windows right now too, tho they were newly burned, then again the mandrake cd's works cause ive used em before and theyre not homeburned, theyre from a professional manufacturing area ( came with a linux mag )

Now that seems to be the error right? But what can I do to check this out ?

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