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Athlon64 e-mail from AMD...

Only 64 people will have the chance to purchase this package, which will include:

The highest performance AMD Athlon™ 64 processor, a top-of-the-line NVIDIA nForce3 Pro powered motherboard, and 1GB (2x512MB) of DDR400 memory from Kingston Technology.
Tickets to the invitation-only AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor Launch Event on Sept. 23, 2003.
Unprecedented access to this event, the AMD64 technology, and the masterminds behind it.
All-expense paid travel & accommodations for the event. (see site for full details.)
It’s true. Starting today, and continuing for 8 days, eight packages per day will be available for the purchase price of $640—less than the cost of the chip alone. But once these 64 are gone, they’re gone. You must hurry! (Feeling lucky? You could try to instantly win one of 5,000 other prizes instead.)

You must prove yourself worthy by entering our vault at designated times and passing two tests to earn your place. The first vault opening will occur between 4pm and 5pm Eastern time. You must register on in order to take part, and once you do you’ll receive daily updates from us to alert you every time the vault opens.

Will you join the 64? Click here to begin your test or visit now.

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