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Indeed they do seem a little confused, voltage isnt the main cause of the heat produced. Its combined with the current it draws, and modern cpu's pull alot more than the old ones the p4 at 1.5v pulls over 50A to give its output of about 70-80w The original Pentium which was quite ritely on 3.3V drew around 10A giving it outputs of around 30-35w. Much lower than the current beasts which throws there argument mostly away.

As current is fairly constant voltage does matter on the same design chip, and so a reduction by 1/3 voltage will drop output power by around the same (also effects the power used up by the chip)

The ulv P3M's were very good on batteries and the Pentium 4M / M and the centrino are good on there bat's the desktop cpu will just munch its batteries like there is no tomorrow.

as for 80% of users keeping it on mains. Mine was quite frequently on its battery i'd say 4/5 times i used it, it was under its own power. Now that its had some screen issues its sitting in a draw on my desk now :-\

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