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Originally Posted by dod

Make mine a double and I'm hoping that it's some of the black stuff if your name's anything to go by
Hehe...unfortunately, i've moved to england...and it just aint the same

Thanks for taking the trouble to look it up, but unfortunately the labelling leaves a lot to be desired on that site...already downloaded about half of them earlier and no dos drivers...the installer just kicks you back into windows.

*UPDATE* inspired me to look some more and i had a flash of inspiration...rather than looking for the chipset, i looked for the multimedia suite that came with it MMPro 16AB or something, found something similar, installed has a fit in DOS, says it can't detect soundcard but it works where it the game

now i can play one of the best games ever...after years without and for that, i will make the trip back to Ireland and get you some

thanks again

Two lessons learned

1) When you've been staring at a screen for hours looking for something, you'll always miss it
2) It's only when you move backwards that you realise how much more hassle it was back then to do stuff on a computer....three cheers for Bill?!....surely not!
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