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8kha+ boot time problem

I tried overclocking an AMD xp 1800+/epox 8kha+/512 megs pc2100 ddr on win 98SE

I had a go at overclocking (increased the FSB) and got it up to around 1650 mhz (stock is 1533) with no probs. I tried to go a little higher and it wouldn't boot so I tried to increase the cpu voltage. I then got a windows error (something like missing file or couldn't find file) so I went into panic mode and set everything back to default.

Everything is set at stock now and is fine but my boot time increased greatly. It went from about 20 sec. to 2 min.

I recently did a clean install of windows xp, and it takes about 3 1/2 min. to boot. What did I do???? I would surely think XP should boot up much faster than that.

Thanks in advance
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