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should be possible by increasing the front side bus.
I havnt had any experience with epox motherboards, but there must be a way. There are plenty of Epox users here im sure they can help , bear in mind anything you do is at your own risk.

my intel al440lx is only supposed to take a celeron 433 (slot1) but with a slocket i got it running a celeron 766, which in windows i can use cpufsb or softfsb and change the fsb so that it runs at about 940mhz.. but its not v. stable

i have an A bit bh6 mobo, its only supposed to use certain solt1 p3's, i use a 1.4 Ghz tualatin and a slocket, i can up the fsb up to 112mhz and i got a 1.5 ghz tualatin.

so the I'm sure it is possible, but 1.3Gh - 1.7 is a fairly large jump, you will need to make sure you have sufficient cooling, also when you up the FSB you increase the speed everything else works at as well, which can cause damage.
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