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zvezdjuck - Hi.

As you said, a 133 MHz bus would be ideal, since you can get the 1/4 PCI divider. Although, you can get the 1/4 divider using certain FSBs under 133.

I think that most board switch at or near 130 MHz FSB. But with most BIOS setups, you cannot select a FSB that is this high on chips with a default 100 FSB. If yours is set up the same way, then we would have to trick the motherboard into thinking you have a 133 FSB chip. IIRC, this is possible using a pin-mod or pin-cover trick.

No matter what method, you will require additional voltage (and along with that comes cooling) to run this chip that high. Most won't go that far, but some have succeeded in hitting the 1.7 GHz mark.
See the CPU database at right here.

You were saying that you had PCI bus errors? Could you list exactly what hardware you have in this system, so we can pinpoint the problem? For example, some hard disk drives don't like the increased bus speed, but this can be resolved by running at a lower DMA level (such as UDMA 66 rather than UDMA 133 or 100), even without lowering the overall performance of the hard drivee.

Anyhow, good luck with your overclocking adventures, and maybe some new ideas will come forth once there's a good idea of what hardware you are using.
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