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All the hardware is:
Celeron 1.3GHz CPU, EPoX EP-3PTA (i815EPB) motherboard, 256MB PC133 memory module, IBM IC35L040AVER07-0 (40GB) HDD, 64MB Prolink GeForce4Ti 4200 with AGP8X, NEC DV-5800A DVD-ROM. Nothing more special.
I use internal AC97 codec which fails to work at FSB of 111MHz or higher. At FSB of 113MHz there appear some file system errors. Motherboard allows to raise core voltage to 1.7V, but that doesn't affect overclocking. 1.5G is the limit, I could reach, no matter of voltage. I could even decrease it to 1.4V. CPU works flawlessly, while PCI does not.
In BIOS setup FSB can be set to 132MHz maximum, but with jumpers it can be set up directly to 133MHz CPU/Memory.
Probably, my computer case is not very suitable for such an overclocking. It's minitower, where CPU is surrounded with pretty warm (or maybe hot) power supply and videocard. The temperature is always near 43C with Titan TTC-D5T cooler no matter of load.

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