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I have the same hard disk as you do (IBM Deathstar 60GXP 40Gigabyte).

My experience has been that they do not tolerate FSB speeds much (if at all) above 115 FSB. That works out to a PCI bus speed of 38.33 MHz. You get Windows Protection Errors or data corruption if you try to go higher.

As I'm sure you know, cooling is very important when overclocking. 43 degrees C isn't bad at all though. If it gets above 55 C it might start to cause problems, and 65 C would be far too high if it ever got that far.

If you aren't bumping the voltage much, it wouldn't hurt to set the jumper to 133 and see what happens. Who knows, maybe it'll work? I've never heard of a CPU burning out without either bumping the voltage way up or by having far too inadequate cooling. On these Tualatin Celerons, I have even heard of people using upwards of 1.75 to 1.8 volts - just don't do it in a low-airflow case.
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