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ok you guys i posted that i was going to try for 16.5x133 on my 2700 in my k7t266 pro2a using the good old wire pin method well success not only does the board recongnise the cpu its actually thinks its a xp2800 so it is possible to get compatability between the old and the new but if anyone got any helpful hints about that barton 3000 im sittin on in id like to get that that up higher the *****wussy speed im running @ now
-barton xp3000 @ 2.62ghz (12x218.35) 2.0vcore
-abit NF7-S v2 W/ matched Corsair XMS twinx 2x256mb pc3200LLPT ram
-cooling (Innova X-flow block, Innova dual 120 rad + Thermochill triple 120 rad, Eheim 1048 w/ tankomatic Reservoir)
-160gig WD sata, 80gig WD SE, 60g maxtor,
-x800pro w/ Graph-O-Matic Rev2 H20 block
-logitec z5300 5.1
-Chieftec Matrix full tower w/ Antec True430
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